Monday, March 27, 2006

Take me to another place

It's official. We are moving to Knoxville at the end of May. We have to stay here long enough for me to finish out the semester at UWM. I'm doing extrememly well in school so I don't think transferring to the University of Tennessee will be a problem.

Things I'll miss...
Friends and Family
Living in Bay View
The Brewers
Bob and Brian in the morning
Lake Michigan
Going out for Chinese with my Mom
Cousins Subs
Thrifty's thrift store
Thanksgiving at my cousins' house
The Philosophy department at UW Waukesha

Friday, March 03, 2006

Kandinsky was an Existentialist

When we were covering Kandinsky in my Art History class the other day, I couldn't help thinking about Kierkegaard. Since Kierkegaard thought the only truth we are capable of knowing is subjective truth, he believed in using indirect methods of communication, which are not organized systematically and have to be experienced by the individual uniquely in order for the individual to arrive at subjective truth. God cannot be understood with objective reason because he is a paradox. Kandinsky appears to have used an indirect method of communication as well. Like Kierkegaard, he wanted to convey a spiritual message, and clearly his method of painting forces one to become involved in the painting and experience it on an individual, subjective level.