Thursday, July 06, 2006

Movies are bad

We went to see Superman Returns yesterday. It was bad. Really bad. It made me sick it was so bad. I wish Brian Singer would have done the third X-Men movie instead, but even though X-Men 3 turned out bad, it was still better than Superman.

I don't think I want to go to the movies anymore. My IQ dropped at least 10 points from watching the previews. Why do people find bathroom humor funny? Why is the suffering of animals a joke? Everywhere around me there is garbage. Advertisments, propaganda, things telling me what to buy, what to think, what to laugh at and so on. And it works. I look around me and see people eating it up with a spoon, and I just feel like throwing up.

If we ever have any kids we're going to raise them weird. No Disney movies. No Barney. No Barbies. No McDonalds. No herd mentality.

Hello Kitty, however, rocks.


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