Thursday, May 18, 2006

Strange Dreams

I dreamt last night that after finishing a philosophy final I realized I had forgotten to answer a long essay question at the end of the test. I found the TA and she gave me my exam back, but I still couldn't focus on the question. Then I was back in high school. My old teacher, Mrs. Kussler was there along with several other people from high school. Also, my classics professor from this term, who was deemed too ill to continue teaching the course two weeks before the end of the semester, was there. She looked horrible. Mrs. Kussler said that my professor had some sort of illness that was like a combination of schitzophrenia and cancer. She opened my classics instructer's skull and removed a huge worm from her brain. Removing it cured the cancer-schitzophrenia. I blame the worm aspect of my dream on the following Nietzsche quote that I recently referred to in a paper:

"For some, life turns out badly: a poisonous worm eats its way to their heart. Let them see to it that their dying turns out that much better." -from Thus Spoke Zarathustra

I am finished with finals as of today. My sciatica seems to have cleared up on its own after a week and a half of suffering.

Time to finish packing. Time to say my goodbyes.


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