Friday, June 09, 2006


Now that I can go online at home I can't think of anything to do online. Actually, I can't think of anything to do in general. I walked to the Old Mill Bread Co. and filled out an application this morning. I talked to the guy who runs the place, and everything went really well except that when he told me that he's from Fort Wayne I said that I'd been there and it was really dull. I probably shouldn't have said that, but I don't think it really hurt anything. The position is a part-time, fill in as needed kind of thing, which sounds fine to me. After I walked back home I got into my bathing suit and hung out by the pool for a while reading Sartre. I'm also reading the Autobiography of Malcom X, which was first on my summer reading list. I'm about half way through it. Mostly I wanted to read it so that I can learn more about the Nation of Islam. Plus I can always identify with a good life transformation story.

I don't really mind not knowing anyone here. It's taken me years to realize that I'm not the kind of person who needs tons of people in my life. I'm pretty content on my own. Of course, I have a husband, so I'm not really on my own. It's more like we're on our own. Maybe when school starts I'll meet people, but right now I'm not pressing the issue.

I'm sleepy. I think I may nap. It feels like a perfect summer afternoon for napping. TTFN.


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