Monday, April 18, 2005

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Well, despite the underwhelming lack of input from you people to steer me, I believe I have decided that I really do want to major in journalism. I'll let you know when I change my mind again.

I just left Kyoto with Mark (very enjoyable), and since it was approaching 10:00, and I have to pick up Nik at 11:00, it seemed senseless to make the trip home. Conveniently, my parents live just 5 minutes away from Kyoto, so here I am, using their computer to kill time. It's really fucking warm in here.

Life is good right now. I find that busying myself leaves me with little time to worry and project about how things are going to be. It's much easier to just live my life than to constantly worry about it. My energy seems to be a force that is feeding itself. The more I do, the more ready and able I feel to do even more. I come home from work and I am still doing things. I am no longer a vegetable clutching a remote control. I am sure the beautiful weather may have partially influenced this, but I am also patting myself on the back for getting myself into action again, and acting like a somewhat normal, functional human being. I know I still have to remain cautious and humble, but I am really enjoying myself. I feel like I am just coming back to life. I could be dead, but I'm not.

It is really good to be alive.


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