Sunday, April 24, 2005

Tofu Good

I stole this picture off of Roman's flickr site. He took it last night at Izumi's. A bunch of us went out to dinner there for a belated celebration of sorts. It was my first time eating there (though I've been curious about the place for a while). Overall, I really enjoyed it, plus it was really great to just be out with friends.

I wish I could think of something substantial to reflect on. Last night's topic of discussion seemed to be emotions, and how none of us have any control over them, which is exactly what I've been realizing lately.

Earlier in the day, Roman had run into an old dear friend of mine at Fuel who wrote me a note and sent it with Roman to deliver on his behalf. I haven't actually spent any time with Wylie in at least a year, perhaps two. He's often impossible to locate, so I found it very exciting to see that this note contains a phone number. Wylie exists in my world again. Coffee must be consumed.


Anonymous john said...

Do let me know how it goes.
We, also, are overdue to hang out.
Bear that in mind.

April 28, 2005 7:47 AM  

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