Friday, September 09, 2005

Like a fish to water...

I'm back in college, and I feel like I am where I need to be. I know UWM isn't a big school when you consider the whole scheme of huge universities in the world, but to me it always seemed too big, too much to deal with, too overwhelming. Now I find myself wondering why I didn't just go straight to UWM right out of high school. I feel like I am in a real college.

I'm already used to ignoring dimwitted girls with sparkly purses, high heeled shoes, tight fitting jeans and cell phones glued to their ears, back fat hanging out of skin tight tank tops (unashamed, or perhaps, more accurately, unaware), so those people don't really bother me, but in my classes, I am hearing a lot of intelligent people say intelligent things, and I am both surprised and delighted, yet still somehow unintimidated (so far).

The large atmosphere of UWM was criticized by me as an oversight. I had no idea how much anonymity I could find in such a place. Lost in the thousands, I can be myself, because it seems absurd for anyone to single me out in such a scrambling, bustling world.


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