Friday, December 08, 2006


I just woke up from odd dreams about an hour ago. I can't seem to shake it and get back to sleep, so I thought I'd write down what I dreamt.

First, I was in some sort of mental hospital. I believe I had been drinking which would largely explain why I was there. I don't remember much about the details of the mental hospital portion of the dream, but at some point, this guy Brian that I used to know came to get me. He kind of rescued me in a way, I suppose, although, like I said, the details are lost in a haze.

Next, we were at my parents house. A huge storm was on its way and we were all running around trying to prepare for it. In this part of the dream, I had a younger sister. I don't know her name, but she had long dark hair and was terrified of the rain. She wasn't helping at all to prepare for the storm because she was scared, and my parents were lecturing her about it because she had some sort of nautical career ahead of her, and they wanted her to know how to bunker down. My parents were in the process of relocating their pool, and we all went out there to secure everything, and somehow ended up swimming. It was storming outside at this point. I was enjoying the swim except for all the debris on the water.

Next, Brian and I drove out to a field. We got out of the car and talked for a while. I know there was more to it then that but I can't remember. I should have started writing this dream right away. At any rate, we started driving through the field to leave, and there were people everywhere...truckers, children - people camping out and cooking out. Brian kept almost hitting people with his car, without seeming to care much. At one point, a person got in his way and he reached out of his window with a giant pair of tongs and moved the person out of the way. I couldn't believe it, and said something like, "You displaced that person...with tongs!"

That's about all I remember from the dream. The last part of the dream was particularly absurd and could be seen as amusing, yet for some reason I woke up unnerved. Shortly after I first met Brian, in real life, we were sleeping in my bed together and I felt like he had intruded my dream. I thought he was a psychic vampire. I'm not sure if I believe in things like that anymore or not.

What troubles me more is the question of evil. I'm not sure if good and evil are simply based on the choices we make as human beings with free will - if they are merely human conceptions that would not otherwise exist, or if good and evil are actually natural forces in this world. Sometimes I believe pure evil exists, and I have this feeling inside that tells me Brian was the kind of peson capable of evil, in a serial killer, child molester type of way. I took comfort in his presence in the dream. I guess that's what really disturbs me.


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