Wednesday, May 04, 2005

Karaoke at Bada Bing

We went to Bada Bing with my brother Eric last night to sing Karaoke. The place was full of beautiful young people getting drunk, and experiencing the whole thing without alcohol was completely surreal. I sang two songs. I didn't feel so good about how the first one went, but the second one was a complete success. I realize that singing Karaoke is not very creative, but I still find it a fun way to get used to singing in front of people. Lately, I've been dumbfounded by music and musicians themselves. I hear songs that friends have written and it blows me away. How do they bring it all together to make songs? How do they find the courage to perform? There's nothing I admire more in people than their determination to express themselves despite what people may think of them. I wish I possessed this quality more often. I think I'm a musician trapped in a coward's body.


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