Wednesday, April 11, 2007

ein anderer schlechter Tag

Enough with crappy weather. Enough with this semester. I am dying for some good of a scholarship, our Wisconsin tax refund, Nik's 401K money from his last job...something, anything to get us through. Something to pick up my spirits. I didn't get the student advisor job. I don't quite know why. I guess they didn't like me. I can't imagine working at some random part time job ever again. I need to do something on campus that I would actually care about doing (like student advising) I would have made a damn fine student advisor. Maybe they want people with perky know, like the airheads that typically work in student advising. Well, whatever. I have no other ideas for a job, so I guess I won't be working fall semester. Maybe I'll never work again. Maybe I'll just take classes forever. I'll be a professional student. I'd actually really like that.


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