Thursday, June 09, 2005

A World Full of Davids and Nates

We've been watching season 3 of Six Feet Under lately. It came out on video not too long ago, and since we can't afford to buy it yet, we rented it from Bucky's. I find this show very addictive, but the thing about being immersed in something addictive is that it makes the rest of my life seem really empty. Life isn't a TV series. Events are not compartmentalized in neat little hour long segments. It's just life. This is almost like the disappointed feeling I get after I've finished a good book.

I only first started watching Six Feet Under last October, when we checked out season one from the Library. My fragile mind was instantly caught up in the characters of the show. I remember going to a Halloween party with Jeremy, and thinking that everyone I met that night was named David or Nate. I'm sure it couldn't have been an entire party full of Davids and Nates, but at the time they seemed to be everywhere. Obviously, it was my brain trying to go wrong on me. I do not like admitting that I am susceptible to suggestion. I am determined not to be susceptible to suggestion, but sometimes my subconscious has other ideas.


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